As a brothers in Islam, we believe that we are responsible to care for our own brothers in Islam. We do that by giving Muslim communities an uplift in education, spiritual understanding, economic and social. 

Our Approach to Uplift Muslim Ummah


We empower our main beneficiaries in the long run where we mainly build education centers/ schools and provide training to uplift their skills. We build Madrasah in their area and support the teachers who run the Madrasah.​


Our economic aid approach is aimed to help our beneficiaries sustain their lives and become financially independent. This approach involves facilities provision and training.


Social aid approach mainly involves activities aimed at providing relief aid for emergency causes and disasters.


It is one of our missions as an Islamic NGO to improve the Muslim ummah so we can live better based on the Islamic foundation.​




RM 2.6 millions


Muslim population
in Southeast Asia

Muslim we have touched and connected with

donations we have
collected and shared

main initiatives followed up and continued within 10 years

Qurban & Ziarah to
Kemboja 2018

With 8 surau and mosques + 2 government agencies | Visited 60 villages + qurban of 243 cows | Qurban + dental check, school repair and dakwah for 350 families

We are organizing Qurban
& Visit with Kemboja again this year



We believe syukur leads to taqwa.  It demands us to look inside and around us. Syukur can be manifested from simple acts and in Yayasan Arraudhah, we try to make sure those simple acts are continuous.

Working Together to
Uplift Muslim Ummah

We cannot do this alone. We do not believe that there is small contribution; any kind of contribution as long as it is sincere is hopefully seen by Allah. 

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Yayasan Arraudhah was established on 2009. We started as to collect fund for humanitarian relief in Acheh, but seeing the impact and losses there, we start to realize how much more we need to share and do for our Ummah.

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