Humanitarian Relief Aid in Cambodia

Since 2009, Yayasan Arraudhah has embarked on a humanitarian mission program in Cambodia which is around the Pursat region of Pursat, about 250 km far from Phnom Penh, with around 500,000 Muslims. This humanitarian aid involves 12 Muslim villages that have benefited many surau, poor families and even students.

In addition to the humanitarian aid, Yayasan Arraudhah has also implemented a program to empower mosques and surau in the region. This includes giving monthly assistance to hire an ustaz and a dai’ to carry out religious activities and fardu ain classes at 12 mosques.

We also provided washing facilities, repairing sound amplification systems, electricity supplies through solar power systems in several mosques there. In addition we also bought a piece of land for Islamic cemetery in the Pursat region of Cambodia.