Dakwah to Jahid community

5% of the 500, 000 Jahid Muslim community are non-practicing Muslim as they live far apart and they are no religious authority to guide them. When we met them on November 25th 2015, they claimed to be a Muslim despite most of them still know very little about Islam. We at Yayasan Arraudhah been there for a few days to help them, in teaching them more about the aqidah in few villages in Kauntnoat, Pursat. We also had the opportunity to contribute some knowledge to improve their living means.

This has been the fifth year for us to be there to help them since 2010.  Since then, we have involved with Pursat community such as in monetary contributions, Ramadhan aid, building of water wells and others. We also did hired an Ustaz to guide them closely in practicing Islam.