About Us

Yayasan Arraudhah, previously known as Tabung Kemanusiaan Nusantara. Established in 2004, our focus is mainly to help the people in nusantara – that includes Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and other countries with God’s will. We sustain our activities with our own fund obtained from our investment into few industries such as in ICT, food and property.  Alhamdulillah, today we have built and established three Tahfidz schools in Acheh, Medan, and Kelantan, and also an Islamic Centre and a bread factory in Pursat, Kemboja. We have engaged with several disaster relief aids, organizing Qurban yearly and many more.

Our experience in helping the orphans due to the Tsunami in Acheh on 2006 had made us realized the need to be more strategic and organized in providing the relief aid and in helping the beneficiaries. From there, we started to expand and rethink the way we help others.

To fund all of our activities, we started to invest in businesses, starting from 2015. The industry we invest into are ICT, construction, and food. This has helped us to be self-sustained and more independent.

Throughout these journey, we have met and partnered with a lot others NGOss, student bodies and medical volunteers that made up our efforts across the Nusantara, to help the people in suffering or in need.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the act of helping others in Islam encourages us to give the best and uplift the receivers. Our philosophy of giving is not to give a man a fish, we teach him how to fish. Instead of giving a one-off contribution only, we provide trainings, build and rebuild their homes and schools, and share their burdens. That is why we utilize the fishing rod symbols in our logo to capture that intention. 5 fishing rods in the logo of Yayasan Arraudhah serves the 5 pillars of Islam, as it is important basic pillars to be fulfilled as Muslim.

Vision & Mission

Our ultimate vision is to be a holistic and integrated NGO that can drive a holistic ummah development in the Nusantara.

Our mission is to drive the development of a caring and emphatic community in our humble efforts to develop a more progressive ummah based on the moral, knowledge and practical principles of Islam.