Qurban in Cambodia 2019

Last 11th until 15th August 2019, Yayasan Arraudhah alongside 27 volunteers from various agencies have collaborated to organize Qurban for Cambodian Muslim for the Eid al-Adha to help 150 families in the Pursat and Battambong regions. There we more 80 small villages that are under these 2 regions. Total cows for the Qurban and Aqiqah …

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Qurban Nusantara

This program is organized by the Yayasan Arraudhah, since 2007. It has involved few countries such as Padang and Aceh in Indonesia and also in Pursat, Cambodia. The Qurban project run annually and we had involved BIT Group Sdn Bhd staffs as well as several Bandar Baru Bangi surau. The program is organized in remote …

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Dakwah to Orang Asli

We are humbled as we were able to meet Orang Asli community around Kenyir lake since early 2003. In our latest visit, we came down to few villages in our mission to help them as well, including some monetary contribution, food and clothes. Yayasan al-Khalifah has also partnered with us in these visits throughout Malaysia …

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Drinking Water Project and Bread Factory at Pondok Tahfiz Arraudhah Lhoksmawe, Aceh

Continuing from setting up and running the Arraudhah Yatim in Lhoksmawe, Aceh, Yayasan Arraudhah has also developed an economic program in this area to train the tahfiz children there with soft skills and entrepreneurship.   The objective of running economic activities are: To serve as a place of training for our orphaned children to learn worldly …

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Pondok Tahfidzul Quran Ar-Raudhah, Medan

Started in 2005 in Padang with 11 students, this tahfiz school is built to help orphaned kids and children from poverty-ridden families. We helped in establishing this tahfiz school from a small house into later having its own building near Kuala Namu airport in 2007.