100% of your money help Muslim families in Cambodia.

You can transform lives for families in Pursat today. We are building Pursat Islamic Center to help almost 60 villages and 20 000 Muslims.

3 out of 10 families in Pursat only live with KR2,367 (USD 0.59/ RM 2.40) every day. We’re on a mission to help them. Here’s how.

Stories of Pursat Community

Since 2008, we have came down and witnessed how dire their situations are: most of them still could not read, the children are not schooled and they live in poverty. They even saved the Qurban meats they got to be consumed little by litte for a whole year stock. We selected Pursat as the center as there was no or very little aid has reached the people there. Arraudhah thus set up Ar-Raudhah Foundation Cambodia office in Pursat to provide monthly social assistance to Muslim schools and promote the annual Qurban activities in these impoverished areas of Pursat.


From there we started building Pursat Islamic Community to help them build their community. From Qurban program, we realized we should do more, not only for Pursat community but for the other Muslim communities in Cambodia. Pursat is one of the 6 Muslim towns in Cambodia besides Kampong Cham, Kampot, Battambang, Kandal and Kampong Chhnang. Yet these villages are separated far apart and make it even harder to reach and help them. Most of the places are in rural areas far from the city and they do not get help outside their regions.

Yayasan Arraudhah have started developing social activities in Cambodia in 2008. Among the activities we had carried out were Qurban and humanitarian aid to several Islamic villages in the Pursat Region. We also collaborate with NGOs, surau and higher education institutions from Malaysia to conduct joint-venture programs to assist residents there.

But we’re not done yet. We need your help.
Here’s how you can get involved.


We are building hostel for students and the people there to stay. As the distance from the Muslim villages are far apart, we hope this hostel can at least accommodate the travellers when needed.


The main essence of the Pursat Islamic Center is the tahfiz school. This is crucial as to help the Muslim community in Cambodia with a comprehensive and better Islamic foundation. This school will also help the people to read and write, hence, they can improve themselves.


As to sustain the livelihood there, we have started developing a bread and mineral water factory for them there. We plan to grow farms within the compound as well.This initiative can at the very least help them sustain their own life.


Cham people needs a consistent guidance for them to know and understand Islam better. We hope with this Islamic Center, we can inshaAllah hire ustazs there to help stay with them and teach them in daily basis.

The Progress

Alhamdulillah, the construction of the Pursat Islamic Center has started since 2014. This project involves the construction of:

  1. A mosque to accommodate 500 people.
  2. A madrasah tahfiz which will provide study rooms and dormitories for 200 people.
  3. Lecture rooms for Arabic learning, Quran and other classes.
  4. A life skills training center in agriculture, vocational training and other relevant fields.
  5. An Islamic source center or a library.
  6. Hostels for visitors.
  7. Residence for staffs.
  8. A cafe, canteen or restaurant.
  9. An administrative office.
  10. A clinic.

It is the goal of us in Yayasan Arraudhah to build this Islamic Center as a meeting center for the entire Muslim community in the Pursat Region. We hope Pursat Islamic Center can be a starting point for them to have better understanding and appreciation of Islam as well as to improve their standard of living. This is in line with the Islamic teachings that believe in a balanced development between spiritual and physical aspects.

One of our happiness through these Pursat project throughout these years was that we were able to gather helps from 10 surau each year. Each of these surau will collect their own Qurban from their kariah before Qurban day and spread out the words on their own. The messages have been spread wide and involved not just us in Yayasan Arraudhah, but the people here in Malaysia.